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Omaha Post 1 American Legion





In October, 2015 I received a letter from National Commander, Dale Barnett, that I was appointed to serve on the Military Benefits & Quality of Life Committee for the team ending October, 2018. In January of this year I was called to join other Nebraska American legion family members to attend the Washington D.C. conference this past February. This committee reviews and makes recommendations to assure quality of life issues for all active military and veterans, including retirement benefits and health care which, currently, is a huge issue.

Sunday afternoon all conference attendees were bused to the Greenbelt, Maryland Post for the National Candidates reception for the following year. Monday morning and early afternoon I attended the National Security Commission session. Later that evening some members of the Delegation which included my Wife Mary Lee and myself were invited to the State Department for a reception which was impressive and very nice.

Tuesday we (the Nebraska Delegation) went to Capitol Hill to meet with Nebraska’s Congressmen and senators in their respective offices, reviewing issues of concern to the American Legion. Some of the issues on the agenda were as follows: To fully fund a superior national defense as the global war on terror continues; Ensure accountability within the VA; Institute a 21st century health care system; Develop alternative help for veterans struggling with mental health issues and brain injuries; Create opportunities affected by sequestration; End veteran homelessness; Protect the American flag.

Wednesday the Nebraska Delegation went to Capitol Hill for National Commander Dale Barnett’s testimony before a joint session of the Veterans Affairs Congressional Committees.

We did find time to visit many lovely parts of D.C., the Memorials, some museums, ate some great (and expensive) food, walked many many miles, and covered a lot of territory on the Metro. It was a great trip!

Fred Tisdale

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